Clean Steam Generators

Instant Steam Generation - Only from Infinity

Clean Steam Component or Packaged Units

Mobile and Modular Clean Steam Systems

Clean Steam High Pressure Explosion Proof

Infinity has patented the only instant steam generator available. No more using your incredibly oversized boiler to power a small process across the plant wasting thousands of dollars a year on fuel and plumbing costs. With the new Infinity In Line Steam Generator, customize your process with the Point-of-Use convenience Only Infinity can supply. From 1 lb/hr – 1,000 lbs/hr, the Infinity In Line Steam Generator is perfect for improving or creating efficiency, convenience and cost savings for any equipment or process.

  • Infinity steam generators allow the most cost effective production of process steam or pure and clean steam from all sources, for all applications. 
  • Specializing in point of use and process specific designs, allowing for simple and fast installation, and operation.
  • Pharmaceutical and Semiconductor to Food or Petrochemical, Infinity’s steam generators offer near instantaneous production of steam with the most compact inexpensive design available on the market. 
  • The Infinity steam units offer efficiencies never seen in the industry, allowing units to get to temperature and pressure in 2 minutes not 20+ minutes, and seconds from a warm start.

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CRES Inline Instant Steam Generator

Durable, economical fully integrated stainless steel steam generator units and component steam units. Works with any water qualities, from municipal to deionized (DI Water), all are available in our revolutionary new design which allows for temperature or pressure control of you process steam systems. With the new ‘SG Max’ steam generator you have full control of your process steam with either pressure or temperature control (standard designs will be temperature controlled unless otherwise specified).


  • Ultra compact size and weight
  • Clean, non-porous stainless steel elements
    No concern of degradation, stream contamination with carbon steel or porous electrified elements
  • No water quality requirements, straight tap water to pure DI/RO water
  • Significantly reduce the size of your equipment with our new technology, while decreasing the overall weight at the same time
  • Reduce the power requirements of your process by 30-40%
  • No more wasting power with “Stand-by Idling”
  • SAVE MONEY, the CRES-SG is typically 40-50% less expensive than customary boilers/steam generators
  • Simple element removal for inspection and cleaning
  • Food preparation equipment
  • Steam reformation
  • Fuel cell heating and preheating
  • Printing, cleaning, pharmaceutical, bio-tech, sterilization and plastics industries
  • Purification
  • Humidity generation
  • Metal, poly, and ceramic parts cleaning